Number 7-26-Nguyen Hong-Lang Ha
         Dong Da-Ha Noi-Viet Nam

                        Trang An – The Pearl Of Ninh Binh

The Trang An Complex in Ninh Binh is not only the most important and outstanding landmark in northern Vietnam but also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Every year this place attracts millions of tourists come to visit. It is worth mentioning that the number of foreign tourists coming here increases every year. It can be seen that Trang An is the brightest pearl in the series of scenic spots of Ninh Binh. Here, you can admire a system of limestone mountains with geological age about 250 million years, through long time-weathered by the change of the earth, climate, sea, degradation sea has created hundreds of valleys and caves. There are many wonderful limestone forests, wetland ecosystems, and relics connected with the history of Hoa Lu ancient capital. Part of Trang An cave was put into operation for tourism in Ninh Binh. At present, visitors to Trang An often take two tours, a 3-hour tour by boat and a climbing tour. The combination of tourism types such as spirituality, ecotourism, and historical sites create a beautiful and attractive destination. The caring, friendly, and enthusiastic staff of the tour guide and local people usually satisfy tourists.

Trang An is a region of water, clouds, and clouds. The rocky cliffs were reflected on the blue water. The complex consists of 31 lakes. The waterway connected by 48 caves have been discovered, including 2 km of waterfalls such as Linh Linh cave, Sinh Du cave, May cave, etc. Caves have many modified stalactites, water flowing out of the ceiling to keep the air in the cave cool. The Dark cave has broad openings that change surprisingly. The Light cave is glittering with exotic stone stalactites.

Trang An can create many amazing closed waterways without having to turn back. Species that live in the cave is like a monstrous battle. The mountains, lakes, and caves create a continuous game. Each lake has a different watercolor painting of mountains and lakes. The green, the sky, and the blue water mixed with each other, hidden hide, show off. The wonder in Trang An is that the lakes are connected by hyphens, which has different length and shortness. These caves transfer the convective water flowing from the canyon to the other canyon. Mounted mountains surrounded the lake and in the middle emerged land, with forests growing to the island. Far away on the mountain, under the canopy of forest trees are the mountain goat climbing on the rocks warped.

Go to Trang An, you will be sitting on the boat gliding through the mountains, enjoying the clear water, explore the mysterious cave, hear the boatman explain the meaning of the name of the cave or the transmission theories attached to it. Visitors will be experienced many different levels of emotions, explore the distant roots of human life, enjoy the pure beauty with the cool and fresh air and feel proud of the precious features of history.