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             Traditional food you should try in Myanmar

1. Tea leaf salad

It sounds ridiculous, but with the heavy religious spirit in the whole country, Burmese has many dishes for vegetarians, especially the tea leaf salad. This dish is served as the dessert, snack, appetizer, or combines with rice for a full-belly meal in the form of lephet thoke, a type of salad made with pickled tea leaves. The sour of the dish comes from slightly bitter leaves with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crunchy beans, nuts and peas, chopped chili and garlic dumbing into oil.

2. Shan-style rice

Has the name in Burmese language is nga htamin but is translated in to English as fish rice, the Shan-style rice is not really a bowl of rice with fish above. Having the original from the ethnic group named Shan in Myanmar, this dish is the combination of rice, turmeric, and the topping of freshwater fish and garlic oil. So that, the taste is oily with some people don’t like fatty food, but really savory when comes with leek roots, cloves of raw garlic or burnt-edge pork rinds.

3. Burmese curry

Any Myanmar tour cannot exclude a culinary experience. Burmese curry is special that you can taste the flavor on nowhere else in the world. The curry is a mixture of fatty meat and oil curry made from various ingredients including pork, fish, shrimp, beef or mutton. A bite of white rice sinking into a bowl of curry can bring you from every single flavor, and then stop at the time that you realize you cannot forget this tasty!

Besides, curry usually comes with salad or fried vegetables (to decrease the fatty feeling), and a small bowl of soup as an appetizer. For more experiences, sample some traditional spice of Myanmar from ngapi ye, a watery fish sauce, to balachaung, a dry, oily, and spicy mixture of chilies, garlic and dried shrimp fried.

4. Burmese tea shop meal

The teashops in Myanmar has more than just milk tea to explore. They also serve many exciting dishes to represent the traditional cuisine of this country’s ethnic groups, an especially main course like noodle or rice such as htamin thoke.

Besides, the teashops owned by Muslim people usually serve South Asian cuisine with deep-fried snacks. The special dish is deep-fried bread coming with potato curry and baked bread. And the teashops run by Chinese often provide baked sweets, meaty steamed buns and traditional dim sum.

5. Burmese sweet snacks

Sweet things in the Western countries are always served as desserts, but in Burmese, they are snacks that can be sampled in every time of the day, from morning tea to the afternoon side meal. Especially, the sweet snacks here is not made with sugar. The locals get the sweet flavors from natural ingredients including grated coconut, cooked sticky rice, fruits, tapioca, coconut milk, rice flour, and so on.

The typical sweet dishes are bein moun with moun pyit thalet - a traditional Burmese pancake, and ghee and raisins - small cakes of crumbly semolina flour with coconut milk.